The 9000 Series Pump jacks

The 9000 series of Ecoquip pump jacks are made up of a power unit that sits a few meters away from the well head and a set of slave cylinders that are mounted directly on top of the well head.

The power unit consists of a nitrogen ballast which acts as a counterbalance to ensure a smooth, efficient stroke reducing costs on service, rods, pumps and energy.

Internal, accurate controls ensure precise movement and the unit does not experience any shocking during the turnarounds of strokes.

Stroke speed and length can be set and changed in a matter of seconds.

Units can be operated by either electric or multi-cylinder motor.

Set-up and tear down is done in a matter of two hours with a crew of two, no site set-up is required and no footprint is left afterwards.



9000-6x series

Maximum polished rod load 35,000lbs 35,000lbs
Maximum stroke length 140″ 156″
Maximum stroke speed 6-8spm 6-7spm


Unit size can be designed and engineered to your specific requirements with possibility of a unit with 200” maximum stroke length and 4-5 SPM or smaller units of less than 100” stroke and further simplicity to maintain cost effective HPU for your application. These units would be purchased and specific to customer application minimum quantity would be required. Contact us for further details.


The Control System

Our goal is to provide the most reliable and lowest maintenance schedule for our customer, so we have developed a more reliable control panel with a low 10-30 volt power requirement, a wider operational temperature range of -40to +70 C, improved ease-of-use controls and better stroke management. In addition, it offers great opportunities for expandability for any of your production monitoring needs. Connectivity, precision, and functionality.

Prime Mover

Ecoquip pump jacks can be driven by an electric or gas motor. Typically our equipment uses GMC or Ford motors or 50HP electrics. The gas motors can be run off of propane, diesel or sweet wellhead fuel.

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