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worksiteEcoquip manufactures, rents and services the Ecoquip 9000 series hydraulic pump jacks. This patented technology is manufactured in Calgary, Alberta. The Ecoquip pump jack has serviced wells across Saskatchewan, Alberta and North Eastern British Columbia.

The pump jacks have the ability to adjust stroke speed and stroke length with a few pushes of a button. This has proven to be valuable for all sorts of well testing applications, troublesome wells and all short and long term applications. Ecoquip Artificial Lift Ltd. and Ecoquip Rentals and Sales Ltd. have shown strong growth over the past years and continue to expand their operations and manufacture more units.

Quite simply put, our proven technology provides less downtime, more flexibility and optimal production.


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Client Testimonials

We started using (Ecoquip units) to start off the production of our wells as it was easy to change stroke speeds and lengths to match rates. The ability to have total stroke control and try different things to increase efficiency and overall production has led us to use these for our permanent installations as well. They continue to be the most durable equipment we use and have helped us optimize some tricky wells.

Jeff H., VP

The Ecoquip unit is vastly different than other units we have used. Namely, because it works. The parameters that it says it operates in are in fact true. We have consistently been brought equipment that needed to be ‘de-rated’ as we had some changing well dynamics. The Ecoquip unit runs so smoothly and powerful that we have not had any issues when pumping heavy, problematic or wells with large variances. It is a high quality, reliable pump jack that I would recommend.

Ryan O., Production Engineer

In our small oil and gas company, we were continually struggling with the high costs of well productivity evaluations during completions and initially, in production phase, as the wells cleaned up and stabilized. Not only were the costs high but the effective evaluations were interrupted with daylight operations limits of completions and continued delays from equipment adjustments to meet the wells’ instabilities.


We incorporated Ecoquip hydraulic jacks as part of our exploration and production evaluation process. Our first hydraulic pump jack installation went smoothly and quickly; Ecoquip helped us get the jack up and running on site. We finished running rods in the morning; setup the pump jack and started pumping in the afternoon. They continued to help train us until our operators were quite good at the controls. We started with rentals and soon moved to purchase the hydraulic jacks as our operators became expert in operating the hydraulic jacks and the jacks proved to have a good service life.


Completions programs ended with steps that installed the Ecoquip jacks by bolting the main frame to the casing flange and spacing out the rod string. You can clean up frac fluids from a 2000 metre Montney well fairly quickly with a 144″ stroke length at 7 strokes per minute; essentially swabbing 24 hours with the test crew following the performance. The Ecoquip system became part of our routine completion operations for oil and gas wells. These hydraulic jacks also served as backstop when we had equipment failures or delivery problems – we could cost effectively move in an Ecoquip jack to keep production up.

Barry H., Senior Engineer
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