A pump jack that is better.

The Ecoquip Series 9000 Hydraulic Pump Jack is a versatile artificial lift system
which covers the needs of our customers from well testing to permanent lifting solutions.

Why Us


A pump jack series capable of lifting polish rod weights up to 40,000 pounds.


A pump jack series capable of covering a wide range of conventional jacks with only one hydraulic jack.


A pump jack series that provides rod weights, surface cards and helps diagnose equipment shut downs.


A pump jack that is balanced with nitrogen to reduce wear on pumps, rods and equipment while substantially increasing efficiency as less power is required to operate the jack.


A pump jack series that is field proven since 1996, operates in diverse environments from -40°C to +40°C and has run continuously for 5 years with just routine maintenance performed on site.


A pump jack series that requires little site preparation, has a minimal environmental impact and is set up or taken down in 3 hours by a crew of two.

Fast and Agile

A pump jack series with fully independent stroke control, capable of less than 1 and up to 8 strokes per minute, adjustable stroke lengths up to 158” and options for bottom stroke delay and timer control all with a few pushes of a button minimizing downtime.

Certifications and Partnerships

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